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Workforce management software for consulting firms

Free your business from the hassle of mundane tasks by optimizing administrative workflows and reducing the burdens of employee management and contract logistics with V-Form Workforce Management Software.

About Us

V-Form, a workforce management software designed to optimize employee and contract logistics, handles administrative workflows in order to free businesses from the hassle of day-to-day tasks. Small to medium-sized consulting firms use V-Form to keep track of timesheets, leave, contracts, billing, clients, onboarding and other information crucial to running a business. Created by Infomatics Corp, a technology innovator that builds solutions to support a strong workforce, V-Form allows companies to do away with time-consuming spreadsheets and tedious manual reminders. With V-Form, consulting firms drastically reduce the overhead required to run an efficient workforce and can focus on growing their business to new heights.


Graphs are arranged in an illustrated dashboard


Give users the ability to make informed decisions based on their unique rules with personalized data presented in a single glance through the V-Form Dashboard.

Team Management

Never lose track of your team’s needs with this module made for team mangers who need to process timesheets, expenses, comp-off requests, and time-off requests.


Track timesheets by end client and contract, creating a record of your organization’s productivity as well as approvals and comments from managers.

Leave Management

Submit time-off and comp-off requests straight to managers, track paid and unpaid time-off and see how much PTO employees have remaining for the year.

Expense Reports

Submit expense reports directly to managers and keep track of their status from submission to approval while maintaining a reliable record of all expenses and payouts.

Per Diem Reports

Allow employees to easily submit per diem reports straight to the accounting department to be processed and paid out according to your company’s policies.


Quickly pull up pertinent information on your company’s resources, employees, customers, end-clients and vendors.

Human Resources

Automate onboarding and offboarding processes with a solution that keeps key forms, email templates and employee data all in one place.


Use this module for a comprehensive view of contracting activities with reminders that give you a heads-up when key contract milestones are approaching.


Give users a single point of reference to update information on consultants and their assignments and use that data to glean actionable insights.

Asset Management

Take stock of all your organization’s assets, their costs and the people using them. Categorization and dating makes it easy to create reports for accounting purposes.


Create custom reports based on the data collected in the other modules. Reports can be exported for analysis or integration with other applications.



Easily create invoices for QuickBooks based on billable hours for each client or project. Make any discounts or adjustments as necessary!


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